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BIZOFIS was approved as the 10th Private Integrator by the Revenue Administration in August 2013.


BIZOFIS E-Document Portal has been developed on the basis of 25 years of electronic document exchange experience.

Exchanged documents

Why Bizofis E-Document Platform?

  • Each company has its own representative. Relevant person is reached directly without any call center approach.

  • Calls are answered very quickly. 90% of the opened calls are closed by providing a solution within the same day.

  • Solution suggestions are always offered for different requests or needs, and the most appropriate one is implemented at the scheduled time.

  • BIZOFIS E-Document Portal provides access to the most information with less number of screens. It is extremely easy to learn and use.

  • With a single power user, as many new users can be added, authorizations or restrictions can be defined in detail for each user.

  • Any data about the past periods can be accessed in seconds with rational filters.

  • It can be integrated with all ERPs. It can work on any document format (XML, FlatFile, iDOC, EDIFACT, PDF etc.).

  • BIZOFIS aims to provide the highest quality and fault-free service. All data is stored in Koç Sistem's Istanbul and Ankara data centers. Inspections and tests, which must be carried out regularly as per the legislation, are carried out by the world's leading inspection and testing organizations.

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