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Master Data Management (MDM)

Undoubtedly, accessing data is easier than ever before. The challenge now is to keep the rapidly increasing data up-to-date and to use it successfully on different sales channels.
Recently, the increasing level of awareness, especially about healthy living, has led to the need to share much more information about products. The need to publish this information with appropriate content on packaging, store labels, and e-commerce sites has increased the need to verify, organize and keep the information up to date.
The Comarch Master Data Management (Comarch MDM) product allows all these needs to be managed effectively by both companies and business partners. It provides a real competitive advantage for companies that love to use data.

Comarch MDM For Supplier

The cloud-based Comarch MDM Platform allows manufacturers and distributors to record and track hundreds of features and information of their products in different categories.


Data can be transferred via direct integration into companies' existing IT systems (EDI files) or web-based applications.

With the parameter selection, it is possible to adapt the product data according to the requirements of the buyer with whom the exchange is made.

Image by Lukas Blazek
Image by Carlos Muza

Comarch MDM For  Buyer / Retailer 

The cloud-based Comarch MDM Platform enables retailers to manage all product data with ease. It provides one central product data repository that collects and processes information about all products available on the shelves in a clear and easy way. The selection of parameters is adapted to the requirements of a retailer.

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