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e-Waybill ensures that the Delivery Waybill document, which was previously printed on paper, is created electronically and delivered to the buyer within seconds.


E-Waybill has the same legal qualifications as a paper delivery note and is subject to the same legal framework.


It is sent to the mailbox defined by the RA side of the buyer via the electronic application, and the reply of the buyer notifying the acceptance or rejection of the shipped goods is sent to the seller through the same application.


  • Taxpayers registered to the e-Invoice application and whose gross sales revenue (or sales and gross business revenue) for the 2018 or subsequent accounting periods are 25 million TL or more are required to use the e-Waybill.

  •  It is obligatory to have e-Waybill paper printout in the vehicle during the shipment of the goods.

  • The use of E-Invoice is mandatory for the use of E-Waybill.



Why Bizofis E-Waybill Solution?

  • Bizofis E-Delivery Solution can be easily integrated with any ERP.

  •  Experienced team of BIZOFIS can always be reached directly, problems are resolved within the same day.

  •  Development requests are analyzed in the most accurate way, and all development, testing and go-live work is done within the framework of global standards.

  • All documents are kept for 10 years in accordance with legal obligations and contractual provisions.

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