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We are always open to new members who are willing to create value in our analysis and project management services by joining our young and hardworking team.

  • If you are a graduate of mathematics (department or engineering) or have a clear interest and love for mathematics,

  • If you believe that knowledge, not seniority, is the real power and if you like to learn new things about your job and to do detailed researches when necessary for this purpose,

  • If you’d like to learn and to take responsibility for all the processes rather than doing just a part of the job,

  • If you can't feel comfortable without completing a job you started,

  • If you find it suitable for you to work hard when necessary in a friendly environment focused on success.

  • If you enjoy communicating with new people and if you don't have any trouble in expressing yourself verbally and in writing.

  • If you believe that after gaining the necessary experience, you can take a managerial role in multilateral projects both at home and abroad,

  •  If you think that you can work with the same motivation as a leader or member when necessary,

  • If you are a recent university graduate or have a maximum of 1-2 years of work experience,


We would like to encourage you to send your CV to with a cover letter explaining why you prefer to work at Bizofis. You can be sure that your application will be treated confidentially and taken into consideration immediately.

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