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SunFood initiated EDI in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan's largest industry and trade group, Azersun Holding, decided to exchange documents with its business partners, especially in the retail sector, through the Comarch EDI Platform offered by Bizofis.

Founded in 1991, Azersun has become a giant holding operating in many different fields, especially in the food, retail and agriculture sectors, and its operations have gone beyond the borders of the country.

The group company Sun Food, which has prioritized the leading retail chains of Azerbaijan, Al Market and Bazar Store, has successfully connected with the chains it has targeted in a short time like a few weeks.

Even though Sun Food was working only the Order (ORDER) document at the first stage, the Order Confirmation (ORDRSP), Inventory Report (INVRPT) and Sales Report (SLRPT) documents have also come to the point of time to go live.

Azersun aims to establish an EDI connection with all major chain markets of Azerbaijan.

This vision will undoubtedly lead to a significant increase in the operational efficiency of the retail sector of the country.

With the use of EDI, it will be much more possible to take a full place on the shelves in the Azerbaijan market. With inventory and sales tracking, sales losses will turn into sales opportunities.

In this sense, Azersun Holding, as the responsible leader group of the country, sets a highly respected example

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