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Bursa's leading market chain Özhan has decided to add EDI to its technological infrastructure.

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Having turned into a chain with 45 branches, 5500m2 logistics center and nearly 1000 employees from a small dream in 1963, Özhan decided to use the Bizofis EDI platform to strengthen its end-to-end cooperation with its suppliers.

The chain, which started working to establish EDI connections, will thus have access to more than 800 existing supplier connections of Bizofis in the first stage.

The suppliers, on the other hand, are pleased that orders from Özhan will no longer be entered manually and are transferred directly to their ERP with their own product and store codes.

In addition to sending orders with EDI, order fulfillment rates will be tracked on an order-by-order basis with the Order Response document. In addition, thanks to documents such as store sales/stock reports on a daily basis, suppliers will be able to minimize sales losses caused by insufficient stock.


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