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Image by Headway

Biçen maintains its leading vision in EDI.

Biçen Market, which always stands at a different point among regional markets with its visionary approaches, continues to invest in EDI in cooperation with international brands.

The chain, which completed its first EDI work with the Order document a few months ago, has outstripped the national chains with the Inventory Report and Sales Report, which it then started to share via EDI.

Lastly, Biçen Market started its efforts to implement the Order Proposal document for the first time in Turkey, with the suggestion of the global brands it cooperates with.

When the process is completed, the suppliers, who closely follow the sales and stock reports and daily product movements on a store basis, aim to create the most accurate order proposal for Biçen stores, improve shelf availability and create a mutual win situation without aggravating the stock load.


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