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Our Quality Policies

ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System’s Policy Goals 

PLT-17. Business Continuity Policy_R3 / 14.06.2022


  1.  To protect our employees, administrators’ and guests’ safety and health during an incident. 

  2. To ensure impact of any breakdown to our activities to be within the limits which are defined in "Business Impact Analysis".

  3. To ensure the full recovery to be within the limits defined after any breakdown.

  4. To preserve our company’s reputation as a trustworthy, reliable partner and service provider for all stakeholders, to prevent any inverse affect in case of an inadequate service during an incident.

  5. To prevent any damage to our company image through media channels because of any incident in our business continuity.

  6.  To improve the efficiency, conformity and proficiency of business continuity management system by using the methodologies such as leadership, planning and performance appraisal.

  7.  To manage our core business, electronic data and e-invoice interchange, compatible with legal requirements defined by regulating bodies that we are liable to.


ISO 27001 Information Security Management System’s Policy Goals 

PLT-01. Information Security Policy_R1 / 14.06.2022

  1. To manage information assets, to identify security values, needs and risks of assets, to develope and implement security risk controls.

  2.  To fulfil the legal and related regulations requirements, to meet the obligations arising from the agreements and to provide the information security requirements arising from the institutional responsibilities towards internal and external stakeholders,

  3. To reduce the impact of information security threats on business continuity and to contribute to continuity.

  4. To be able to intervene rapidly in information security events that can occur and to have the competence to minimize the effect of the event.

  5. To protect and improve the level of information security with a cost-effective control infrastructure over time.

  6. To raise awareness of information security management trainings by giving all personnel.

  7.  In all activities carried out; Confidentiality, Integrity and Accessibility which are three key elements of the information security management system, by addressing information security within the framework of risk management.


ISO 20000 Information Technologies Service Management System’s Policy Goals


PLT-14. Information Technology Service Management Policy_R1 / 14.06.2022


  1. The efficiency of the business processes of its customers with uninterrupted and high service quality in the field of Electronic Data Transfer and increase productivity.

  2.  Through our web platform, our customers, with the lowest cost, business partners between them to ensure continuous document exchange. In case of a problem, giving the same service for the first time and every time.

  3.  Within the scope of our integration services, we can automate them appropriately and save time and labour.

  4.  The information obtained from our customers through document transfer through our information update service ensure that the data becomes the most accurate, current and meaningful information for them.

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