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Image by Scott Graham

Waybill – DESADV (Advanced Shipping Notice – ASN)

The EDI Waybill document is different from the e-waybill in the GİB (T.R. Ministry of Finance Revenue Administration) system in terms of its structure.


EDI Waybill contains product barcodes, each of which consists of individual codes.


A business partner receiving an EDI Waybill can;

  • Easily compare the incoming products with the ordered products.

  • Transfer the product information written on the waybill to the hand terminals and then complete the goods acceptance process in a shorter time and more accurately.

  • Automatically prepare the receiving advice document, which is the next step.


Since the EDI Waybill document is prepared on the basis of the order data, it is rather easy for both the buyer and the seller to follow the order fulfillment rates.

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