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What is EDI?

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) includes the secure, error-free and fast exchange of document formats between parties in accordance with global standards.


Parties using EDI;

  • Buyer companies (retail or cash&carry chains, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors)

  • Suppliers

  • HoReCa

  • Dealers/Distributors

  • Logistics Companies


It can be any kind of business partner who wants to share information among themselves.


BIZOFIS uses the world-accepted EDIFACT D96 standard in this regard. EDIFACT D96A is an abbreviation for Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport.


In a nutshell, it is the Electronic Data Interchange standard for Administration, Commerce and Transport.


The EDIFACT standard has been implemented by the United Nations to enable companies to cooperate globally within a common format.


EDI documents are automatically transferred between the computer systems (ERP, PGI, etc.) of the sending and receiving companies. To have this communication to continue 24/7, EDIFACT standards are extremely important for systems on a global scale to communicate with each other within the framework of predefined and common rules.


Most Frequently Used EDI Documents;

  • Order Document – ​​ORDER

  • Order Confirmation – ORDRSP

  • Waybill – DESADV (Advanced Shipment Notification – ASN)

  • Receiving Advice – RECADV

  • Invoice – INVOICE

  • Stock Report – INVRPT

  • Sales Report – SLSRPT

  • Return Document - RETANN

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