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Benefits of EDI

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With the use of EDI, data (e.g. order data) is shared between two partners' ERPs in seconds.

Data does not need to be manually entered into ERP or other internal systems (Order Management, Inventory Management or Logistics).  

Instant electronic monitoring provides invaluable new data for the improvement of the process.


In this way, three main benefits are created.

Cost Advantage

  • Paper, printing, archiving, mailing or shipping costs are reduced.  

  • The damage and loss caused by uncontrolled data coming from different channels such as telephone, e-mail, fax are reduced.

  • Employees can spend their time on more value-added work.

  • Costs are reduced by at least 35% in total.

Speed and Accuracy Advantage ​​

  • Processes are accelerated and simplified as information is shared between systems

  • In EDI, since the validation is done before the documents are sent, it is not possible to send incomplete or incorrect data. Up to 35-40% reduction is achieved in faulty transactions.

  • With the accelerated data flow and supply process, the need to keep stock is reduced, the speed of turning the order into cash (money) increases.


Safety and Efficiency Advantage

  • Process details become traceable. A safer and healthier business process is carried out among business partners.

  • Managers can devote more time to high value-added work.  

  • Since the data is shared in a secure environment, it is not accessible to unauthorised persons.

  • Critical data that needs to go on time reaches the other party quickly and safely.

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