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E-Producer Receipt

It is an electronic document that has the same transaction and qualifications as the commercial document issued by the buyer in paper form in commercial transactions with persons operating in the field of agriculture and livestock.


E-Producer Receipt ensures that the Producer Receipt document, which is prepared on paper beforehand, is created electronically and delivered to the buyer within seconds.


The e-Producer Receipt has the same legal qualifications as the paper producer's receipt and is subject to the same legal framework.


Taxpayers who are included in the e-Invoice application, must issue their producer receipts in paper form as an e-Producer Receipt electronically as of July 1, 2020, for their agricultural product purchases from farmers.

For those who trade fruit and vegetables as a broker or trader, the mandatory transition date has been determined as 1 January 2020.


Why Bizofis E-Producer Receipt Solution?

  • Bizofis E-Producer Receipt Solution can be easily integrated with any ERP.

  • Experienced team of BIZOFIS can always be reached directly, problems are resolved within the same day.

  • Development requests are analysed in the most accurate way, and all development, testing and go-live work is done within the framework of global standards.

  •  All documents are kept for 10 years in accordance with legal obligations and contractual provisions.

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