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Comarch EDI Platform

Comarch ( is one of the largest software manufacturers in Europe, employing approximately 6,000 IT professionals, selling its products and services on 6 continents.


The Comarch EDI Platform has been developed with Comarch's expertise and experience in different industries and technologies.


The platform enables its customers to convert more than 30 electronic documents into many different formats, share them with their business partners, and receive documents in different formats from them in the format they want.


The prominent features of Comarch EDI are;

  • It is a cloud-based B2B platform.

  • It is a cost-effective IT solution increasing productivity remarkably.

  • It is very practical and easy to use.

  • It can work in integration with all kinds of ERP systems with the appropriate format and communication channel.

  • It runs many file formats such as XML, iDOC, EDIFACT, FlatFile, TxtFile etc.

  • While integrating with companies' IT systems, many communication channels such as AS2, Web Service, VPN, sFTP etc. can be used.

  • All documents are stored for 180 days. It is also possible to access all these documents through the ECOD portal when needed.

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