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Connection Channels and Document Formats

BIZOFIS is extremely flexible to work with any connection channel and document format

Within the scope of the integration projects, data can be exchanged in various alternative channels and formats.


BIZOFIS experts help to choose the correct connection channel, taking into account the document volume and data security in between.


Connection Channels can be the following.​

  • Web Service

  • ECOD Connector


  • sFTP

  • AS2

  • X.400

  • API (Application Programming Interface)


Similarly, BIZOFIS can work with many different document formats according to the demands of its customers.


When it comes to exchanging data between different formats, all mapping and specs are developed very precisely.


Document formats that we generally work on are;

  • XML

  • UBL-TR

  • iDOC

  • Flat File

  • Txt File



  • VDA

  • X12

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