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To Reduce Costs and 
To Increase Efficiency

BizOfis For E-Transformation


What Does Bizofis Do?


Bizofis enables you to exchange fast and reliable data with your trading partners.


With its cloud-based, B2B platform, it automates the entire supply chain process of your company, including e-invoice, eliminates errors and increases the speed of doing business. Moreover, it provides all these services within the framework of local laws and global standards.


With the simple and fast data exchange solution provided by the Comarch EDI Platform, your domestic and foreign corporate customers, suppliers, dealers, wholesalers, logistics business partners will be closer to you than ever before.


What Makes Bizofis Different?

​ ​

Bizofis pays close attention to three issues while establishing the necessary integrations between your and your trading partners' technological infrastructures;

​ ​

  • To understand your needs correctly

  • To suggest the most suitable solution for the need

  • To always be accessible and fast during the solution development process and after

​ ​

This vision has made the world's leading multinational companies valuable members of the Bizofis family today

We have been  a leading e-document service provider for hundreds of local and multinational companies for more than 14 years


In our long-standing cooperation with you, Bizofis has always been a service provider for us that has always put customer satisfaction at the center, showed a solution-oriented approach and responded very quickly to our demands. 

With its innovative and innovative approach, Bizofis is in a position to be set an example among the service providers we cooperate with. 


We hope that our cooperation will continue for many years.

Mustafa Kemal Ozturk
Senior Key Account Manager
Bosch San. and Tic. A.S.

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